Taylormade R7 Irons Introduction

“Taylormade R7 - Not Just Any Other Iron”

With all the types of golf clubs out there, how can one simply choose among them? Well, there is this one type of golf club that has been getting good reviews recently – the Taylormade R7 iron.

Known for its optimal forgiveness, accuracy and distance, the Taylormade R7 iron is specially made for players who play on a wide range basis and who prefers an iron that can be launched highly and easily without sacrificing its workability.

Moreover, Taylormade R7 iron models equipped with the Inverted Cone Technology gives its users a higher COR and much faster average ball speed to achieve greater distance.

For the best possible combination of carry and control, the Taylormade R7 iron has a unique deep cavity design that creates a low and deep CG making it possible for the golf ball to be launched much higher.

Meanwhile, the increased accuracy given by the Taylormade R7 iron is a result of a moderate offset that creates impact at a square clubface. Furthermore, having the choice between two shafts, which are the T Step 90-gram steel or RE*AX™ 65-gram graphite respectively, golfers are given higher clubhead speed and increased distance resulting from a strong release.

There are also Taylormade R7 iron models that are specially engineered for women who love to play golf. Made with the same precision as that of the men’s Taylormade R7 iron clubs, these golfing make golfing a much easier and enjoyable sport for women.

Prices of these clubs range from $270 - $480 and can be purchased either from the net or at your favorite golf specialty stores.